Practice, practice, practice

Taken on a warm spring day in Chicago

I’ve never worked on my street photography skills. At all. Like ever. I love walking the streets and taking what I think of as UrbanScapes. I’m pretty good there. But true street skills are something different. I have never felt great about doing it with my larger cameras so although I have moments of what seems like good street work I’ve never worked on it or practiced. And more importantly don’t know if or how much I enjoy it.

Like anything in life, practice is the way to improve. I want to be good at this and explore it to know if I like doing it or not. I have the ability to do any personal project I want and I’d like to improve my skills here for more flexibility and ideas.

My learning for today:

  • While I almost always have manual focused my cameras (at least in part to fine tune my vision) not having any other option is a change for me. I learned on all manual equipment and have spent the majority of my time with manual only cameras but still…my Canons, and even more so my iPhones, have made me a little lazy. Oh, and you can’t really shot and focus one handed with a range finder so i can’t carry my lunch and shoot well at the same time.
  • Guessing at distances is harder than I thought. I need to get this down to zone focus well.  The photo here is from Reckless Records. It was the first really warm day in Chicago this spring. I used the open doors to practice zone focusing.  I think I got it on this one. Pretty close at least.
  • I do better with a cross body strap than an over the neck one.
  • I’ve missed a few shots that I would have taken with my iPhone. Not sure why I hesitated. Need to work on that.

I also do not have much time to practice. Between work, travel, and church duties I  don’t want to take more time from family time (even if it is just to watch TV with my wife). So, I’m trying to take lunch time photo walks. Just like physical exercise, every minute of work matters.

Today’s advice – take pictures whenever and where ever you can. Practice, practice, practice.

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