Hello (again) world!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted.  I have a lot of ground to make up. Long story short – my site was hacked and then my provider only made it worse by losing all I had.  My back-ups were not complete (I lost some of the media) so rebuilding it was going to be daunting.  In addition, I’m not really out to grow what I do as a business and my site structure lead that way.  I want to make it more simple.   I would love to get rich from my art (if someone tells you different I think they are lying) but . . . I really want to get back to the love I have for photography, film, video, editing, seeing things, personal projects and other creative areas I love.

I also would like to share what I’ve learned over the decades of doing this.  I see so much amazing work on the internet machine, in galleries, and all around that I’m not comparing myself at all.  No need. I’m doing what I want to to do, and that is what is important.

More to come about that as I make my opinions known over the coming weeks, months and years.

I’ll be turning this into a journal kind of thing.  I’m open to do projects or sessions for people, and I still sell some stock photos, but I’m too old to try to make this an advertising site for my goods.  

Thoughts, conversations, and shooting ideas or meet ups are always welcome as I get back into the community so say “hi”.

Tigger the Old Dog

The picture above just happens to be the first from my new camera which I’m not ashamed to admit that I teared up when I purchased it. The tears were not due to the crazy price, but due to the fact that getting into this “eco-system” has literally been my life’s dream. I feel grateful that I’m able to now.

That camera is a Leica M10-P. More to come on that in future posts, but it is another way for me to get back to basics and do only what really matters. Also, don’t tell my wife but I’m dying for my next purchase of a film M. I’m thinking M6, but I’m willing to hear opinions.

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    Sharing The Things I See

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    Sharing The Things I See