Film is Definitely Not Dead

Kodak Tri-X 400 shot on the EOS 1V

I’m back to film.  The way I started with photography.  No darkroom (yet) this time around, just film and cameras.  I’m really enjoying the slowing down, waiting for the negatives and scans, and forcing myself to get it right the first time and in camera.  There is no way to take hundreds of photos and hope you get it right, unless you really want to go broke.

I’ve brought some old film cameras from my collection back into action, and also added a few recently to the collection. I’ll make some posts and videos about them in the coming weeks.

What I’m using now:

  • Leica M6-J
  • Canon EOS 1V
  • Canon EOS A2E (also known as EOS 5)
  • Rollieflex 3.5E

Much more to come . . . 

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    Sharing The Things I See

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