Donuts are Heaven (but not everything is donuts)

What in life makes you feel as good as Llewyn does in these pictures?  Do you have something that does?  Hopefully you have something a bit more healthy than donuts, but hey if not that is okay.

I’ve been struggling recently at the day job due to some recent changes.  The day job was something I loved the last few years.  That was lucky, but should not be expected. I’m not really a fan of that old saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is simply not true for 99.9% of the world, and I think even the .01% are faking it.  We are here to work. It is called work for a reason.  Of course everyone can do great things through work and we can find happiness there.  But let’s not create fairy tales and constantly feel disappointed or compare ourselves to unreal standards.

A more realistic way we should be teaching each other and our kids is to find balance.  Do the things you love BECAUSE you love them but work is work and needs to be done as well.  Making a living, surviving, taking care of your family, and sometimes simple finding food and shelter is not easy.  If it were we would never find value in those things that bring us joy – we wouldn’t need them.

So – find balance.  Work, understand and accept that work is not always fun or enjoyable. But . . .also find your donuts!


Picture information - Taken on the Canon EOS 1V, Kodak Porta 400 (one of my favorite films recently)
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