Day 24 Shelter in Place – 5 Good Things to Do In Lock Down

Quiet Chicago as Spring Begins

Here is a list of things I’m doing to make the most of our lock down time.

  • Daily photo walks. Get some exercise, get out of the house and stay creative. The picture above is from a few days back. Due to my work schedule it is hard to post the same day’s picture on the day I took it but I’m out there every day. Keep you social/physical distance, but get outside if you can.
  • Improve my video skills. Currently learning more about color grading. I need to get better in front of the camera as well, but that may come next.
  • Going back to my college days and learning a new coding/programming language. I spend 45 minutes or so a day learning Python. Learn a new skill. Who cares what it is – learn for the sake of learning. Use you brain, it will make you happier while stuck inside.
  • Journaling. I go up and down on this over my life, but I always feel more organized and less stressed when I journal.
  • Work hard at my job – but as James Taylor said, “don’t let em’ take my wasted time” (changed a little). Even if you have lost your job in all this mess, work hard to get new skills, or find a new job, or create a way to make money, or plan for your future. You “job” will not always mean “employment” but we can all work harder anytime. It just may take some creativity. It greatly helps your feeling of self-worth.
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